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Everyone Needs to Know (in Minnesota, at least).

For many this year, their Medicare options have changed. The Cost plan in Minnesota is being “sun-setted” as a result of 2015 legislation, with the exception of a few counties. You may be dealing with this yourself or have a parent struggling to understand if they have to do something. If they do, how do they choose a new plan? It can be a costly decision.

I work with clients to organize their space, however increasingly I’m working with clients to manage their paperwork, create sustainable mail systems (notice the word 'sustainable'), utilize a task management system, harangue their email, and setup digital and paper filing systems. During this season, I am educating myself on Medicare as well as connecting clients with health care advisers due to this Medicare change. Understanding the Medicare change and how it impacts you is important because the company who currently has your coverage MAY auto-enroll you in a new plan or THEY MAY NOT. If they don’t and you have not chosen coverage, you won’t have any additional coverage.

Open enrollment started on October 15th and runs through December 7th. Below is a chart that shows the 2 options if your Cost plan is going away:

Before choosing a new plan:

Make sure the medications you’re taking currently are on the formulary (for the plan you’re going to consider), particularly if they’re costly,
If you go with Option 2, make sure all your healthcare providers are in network, and
Analyze your medical/financial preferences: premiums vs copays/deductibles.

Some key information:

Option 1: No network of doctors, usually costs a lot more but you elimate the copays and deductibles. Premiums are higher.
Option 2: Combines all coverages and bundles prescription drug into it. You’ll have a network of doctor you’ll need to see for the most cost benefit. Premiums are lower and usually have deductibles and copays.
Both options have formularies.
Connect with a Healthcare Advisor if you need more assistance.
If your existing provider auto-enrolled you in a plan, you are not obligated to keep that plan and can choose a different plan before December 7th.

 Happy to help.

I am not a healthcare advisor or expert in this area. My intention is to raise awareness of this issue as it relates to you or an elderly loved one. For more complete information, check out this site