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January is National Get Organized Month

January is the BEST time to get organized. Oftentimes we Minnesotans start to feel inspired to tackle projects when the weather turns warms and the sun reappears – March or April. The challenge is that this is the time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! We have gardens to plan, walks to take, and bikes to ride. You don’t want to miss out on springtime so……you need to plan ahead and start those indoor projects now!

Many times the hardest part of a project is starting. That’s where I come in. Help is on the way. Let’s get Organized!

I have discovered that people light up when I talk to them. As much as I’d like to say it’s my cute clothes, new hair style or witty comments….alas it is not. What they light up over are the possibilities. When I tell them I’m a Professional Organizer they immediately get excited. They want to know specifically how I help people and their minds start spinning with ideas for their own home. It’s fun to watch.