Do you like ladybugs? Do you think they’re cute? Gross? Annoying? Fascinating? Stupid? Good leaders? Umm, no. Let me explain.

My house faces West. So half of my windows face West and draw the attention of the ladybugs in the Fall. In the last several years there has been a ladybug invasion. OK, they are Asian beetles, but whatever, they look like ladybugs. The first warm, sunny weekend in October (yes I have tracked this) they descend out of nowhere and take over the back side of my house. Then they decide that my house is going to be their “winter home”. I wish they’d go to Florida like everybody else. But they don’t. They live in the walls. All. Winter. Long. What this means is that every day of the winter (did I mention this was EVERY day) some of them come out to wander my house. Stupid, where are they going? What is their plan? It’s 10 degrees outside, who said it was time to come out?

But now that Spring is arriving (early I might add which is awesome), they are wanting to get back to wherever it is they live all summer long which is somewhere outside of my house. However many of them head the wrong direction and end up in my house instead of outside. Here’s where we can start connecting the dots to my point in case you’re wondering if this is a complete waste of time. Maybe…..hang a little longer. 

Ladybugs and Leadership

I contend that the ladybugs clearly have some bad 
leadership. Case in point is photo to the right (this is only 
about 3 days worth. They don't look happy or successful, 
do they? Even insects have hierarchies (e.g. Queen Bees)
.... so who’s in charge at this massacre? They are trying to 
get outside to do whatever ladybugs do in the summer 
but instead end up trapped in my house wondering how 
they got lost and ended up dead on their backs, in my 
vacuum, or eaten by the dog. (yes, my dog eats them.) 

Clearly death is the result no matter the means. 

So you ask, who cares? Well I care. It made me think of 
poor leadership. (Aren’t you glad you’re not in my head?) 
We've all experienced it, maybe even provided it. Poor 
leadership has wreaked havoc on more than just ladybugs, it causes problems in trying to get organized. Poor leadership in organizing wastes your time, wastes your resources, can make you discouraged, sabotages your progress, and may even waste your money. For people decluttering and trying to achieve better organization, poor leadership could be a disaster. It is likely that life has already felt out of control so you need someone who is a strong leader. Someone to lead you to success. Someone to see the job through. Someone who can catch your vision and execute!

I'll let you in on a little secret: there’s a lot more to organizing than meets the eye. Professional Organizers not only have infinite knowledge and ideas about how to create personalized organization systems, they are also leaders. We offer our clients leadership in order to: keeps them motivated, have a plan, provide encouragement, coordinate resources, add accountability, and keep track of progress. All the while keeping the clients goals and priorities at the forefront.

 Here are some questions to ask a Professional Organizer to determine if they are well-suited to lead you in organizing:

  • What experience do you have in managing projects? (you’re looking for practical work experience here - in organizing or other industry)
  • Do you consider yourself a leader? (hopefully yes!)
  • Do you create a plan for me? If so, can you walk me through the steps of this plan? (they should be able to tell you at a high level how you’re going to work together)
  • Can you tell me exactly how long this project will take? (the answer here should be no! If they make this promise it's likely too good to be true. A lot of variables can go into how fast a project can go.)

Good leaders are good listeners, hard workers, resourceful, and good planners. A good leader will not have all the answers, all the time. They may make a course correction because of new information. But good leaders will always work their hardest to do what’s best for their client. 

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