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How to Overcome Organizing Challenges When You Have ADHD

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What Does a Professional Organizer do? Organizing, Declutter

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Back to school: Organize, Anxiety
Overcoming ADHD Challenges

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Getting Those Summer Projects Done! ​

Glad you stopped by to read some of my thoughts about organizing. Buckle up - some are quite random. Choose your random topic from the 'Journeying' menu above. I don't have a spot for feedback at this point but you can send me a note using the form on the 'Contact Us' page. 

Why's it called Journeying? I believe that no one is perfect. No one is perfectly organized all the time. We're all on journeys trying to improve various parts about ourselves, our spaces, our lives, relationships..on and on. It's a journey, don't expect perfection, just be open to new ideas and try. You'll make progress. You can do it. (oh and stop comparing yourself to your neighbor - that's not helpful)