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One of the benefits of being a Professional Organizer is that I am exposed to efficiency apps. While I can’t implement them all, one of the apps that I use every day is called Evernote. If you haven’t heard of this app before, read on. If you downloaded but didn’t use it, let me tell you friend, reconsider. Evernote is tried and true. It’s been around a while and is only getting better.

In a nutshell, Evernote is an app that stores information for you digitally. It has Notebooks and Notes. Even if you’re a little techy, I think this app is for you.

How I Have Everything I Need To Know At My Fingertips

Here are some of the main benefits (IMO) of using Evernote:

  • You can save all those random pieces of information in one spot. Since it’s on your phone, you always have it with you.
  • Evernote uses OCR. This is Optical Character Recognition. That means if you take a photo of a recipe and it has “beans” in it, all you need to do is search “beans” and your recipe will come up. Pretty sweet.
  • Did you know you don’t need to keep all those household manuals? Pull them out, purge what you don’t need anymore, and download the PDF versions and save them to Evernote. Later, search by any word to find whatever you need in seconds.
  • You do not need to organize your notes within Evernote in any way that makes sense. The search function is so strong that as long as you have a word you can search for that has meaning you’ll find it.
  • It solves “Post It Overwhelm.” Don’t’ get me wrong, Post Its are great, but they are not great for everything. If you tend to be a Post It person, chances are you’ve either buried the Post Its on your desk or you have so many Post Its in your area that you can’t find what you need.  Take a photo of them all.
  • It keeps the information I MAY need to know at my fingertips. So often we save too much paper, just in case. Fear keeps us surrounded by unnecessary paper. By putting this type of information in Evernote, we an forget about it, it doesn’t add to our paper overwhelm, and we know where to find it IF we need it.
  • I keep lots of random lists in Evernote. I’m sure you’re shocked I like lists. But I like lists even if I can’t check them off. Some of my lists are: books I want to read, movies I want to see, and most used products (with links) to name a few.
  • It’s great for ideas. I need ideas for where to go out to eat, what movies I want to see, the dog groomer my friend recommended. It’s also great for those inspired thoughts you want to jot down somewhere. When we use a tool like Evernote, we free our minds from trying to remember everything, that allows creativity to flow. Now that you’re more creative, you have a place to document it. And it’s with you all the time.
  • If you use Evernote to keep a book list, you won’t need to buy the books right when you hear about them. Relax. When you’re nearing the end of your book, just look in Evernote to see what’s next on your list.

I could go on and on with information to keep in Evernote so I’ll end here. Basically, in almost no time you can download the app and start using it. Just stick with it and it will pay off. I promise.