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  • Hands-on organizing help. We work with clients to organize your home - be it a closet, kitchen, garage, office or room.
  • Provide on-going support in maintaining organizational systems
  • Analyze space, goals, and personalities in order to create a customized plan to organize a space, time, files, or data
  • Review existing systems and processes. Evaluate and recommend suggestions based on organizational goals
  • Tips and tricks. We know what works versus what sounds "ideal". We'll guide you to tried and true solutions not the latest gimmicks
  • Purchase organizational tools, as needed
  • Get it out of here! Donate, dispose, or recycle unwanted items
  • Manage all organizational projects that may occur simultaneously - manage timelines, steps involved, resources needed, and where in each project we are and what's next
  • ​Accountability for accomplishing your goals
  • Provide consultative services to create a plan for you to execute on your own.
  • Recommend technological solutions
  • Provide suggestions to re-purpose or sell items (if desired)
  • Encourage and motivate. We're your biggest cheerleader! We know the benefit and will see you through to success!
  • Coordinate all involved parties

Organizing companies services can vary. We provide a wide assortment of services designed to meet your needs as listed below:​


the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals.

Passionate about creating sustainable systems and solving the underlying organizing problems, Joni is a Certified Professional Organizer who strives to exceed her clients expectations.

That's So Organized!

What do Professional Organizers Do?

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Joni Bastable
  • Everyone should know how to create organizing systems and maintain them, keep their calendar, manage their time well, and smoothly run a household
  • Being disorganized does not negatively impact my life or others in my life
  • Lazy people hire organizers
  • Something is wrong with me if I struggle to get and/or stay organized
  • Hiring an organizer is a luxury
  • All I need to be organized is the right gadget, tool, container, or space.
  • I will get organized when I have time
  • There is a "right way" to organize my possessions and I just need to figure it out
  • My house (or apartment) is too small to be organized
  • I live with others who don't want to be organized so I can't be either
  • ​I just need to read (or reread) the right organizing book
  • Life runs more smoothly
  • Declutters your mind and allows you to dream and realize other goals
  • Save time finding what you need when you need it.
  • Decreased stress and increased relaxation in your space
  • Being on time and prepared
  • Decrease amount of paperwork
  • Ability to quickly clean spaces

Joni Bastable, CPO® owner

Joni grew up in the twin cities and returned home after receiving her business degree from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. 

Before Joni started her organizing business she was a stay-at-home mom followed by a successful career as a Business Analyst.

As a regular volunteer, Joni has served on 2 preschool boards, driven for Meals On Wheels, and is currently the Director of Membership for 



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​We believe in community and paying it forward. No one has achieved success on their own. That's So Organized! donates 5% of it's profits to Sharing and Caring Hands.


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